Dante Jones

Community Outreach Consultant

Clemon A. Johnson

Executive Board Member/Architect

Tracy Northeran

Technical Advisor

Keith Collins

Program Trainer

Dionte Cox

Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Christian Houston

Media Visual Consultant

Dimitri Collins

Program Trainer

Terry Darden

Culinary Director

Shana Niles

Logistic Specialist

Tara Stanley

Trauma Informed Childcare Consultant

Angie Maury

Crisis Management Consultant

Deene Bull

Educational Consultant

Lyss Nicole Ortiz

Grant Analyst

Lee Chung

Data Science Consultant

Zach Rochette

Business/Entrepreneur Consultant

Lisa Pandohie-Johnson

Executive Board Member/Legal and Educational Consultant
Meet the Houston Foundation Inc. team!-Trudinna Northeran

Trudinna Northeran

Executive Board Member/Business Manager

Andres Ortiz

Executive Board Member/Vice President
Founder of the Houston Foundation Inc.

Jerry Houston