Our Vision for the Future

Educational Resource Training Center
in Philadelphia

Would you please pledge a monthly donation to help us complete our building project?
All donations are tax-deductible.

North Philadelphia is the most underserved area in the Philadelphia region. Once thriving industrial cities, they continue to suffer a severe economic decline. Skyrocketing unemployment, a struggling educational system, and lack of adequate healthcare and the global pandemic Covid-19 make life in this region difficult at best. We intend to provide a lifeline for critical services throughout the 21 Counties in the region. The Houston Foundation Inc. Educational Resource Training Center will uplift and support the lives of people in underserved areas. Every facet of the Educational Resource Training Center is designed to empower the residents to make positive, life-changing choices for themselves and ultimately for the betterment of the entire Philadelphia region.


Help Us Build A Better Tomorrow with an
Educational Resource Training Center

By investing in the individual from the inside out, we can build up confidence, self-esteem, an eagerness to learn, and a sense of pride. As a result, community members become stakeholders, helping to heal, and inspiring others to build up the community. Without your financial support, program resources can only go so far. Would you consider becoming a partner with the Houston Foundation Inc.? Help us build up each person from the inside out.  “Because People Like Us, Do Things Like This, Because We Care.”

Educational Resource Training Center Classes / Workshops

  • Classrooms
  • Boardrooms
  • After School Programs 
  • Tutoring Services 
  • Study Lab 
  • Computer Lab 
  • Community Operated Print Shop 
  • Ladies Empowerment  
  • Mentoring Boys / Girls 
  • Leadership Program 
  • Youth Club 
  • Young Men’s  Club 
  • Lecture Hall 
  • Liberal Arts Program 
  • Performing Arts / Theatre  
  • Children’s Book Club 
  • Debate Clubs 
  • Parenting Skills Training 
  • Job Training / Placement 

Wellness Center

  • Fitness Center
  • Physical Therapy
  • Aqua Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Culinary Arts/Nutrition
  • Meditation Therapy
  • Trauma/Mental Health Development
  • Diabetes Support Classes
  • Smoothie/Juice Bar
  • Personal Training Program
  • Clinical Screenings (Men/Women)
  • Suicide Prevention & Counseling

Recreational Center

  • Chess Club / Tournaments
  • Vending Areas & Lounges
  • Arcade Gaming Area
  • Cellular/Locker Room Area 
  • Seniors Golden Citizens Club
  • Swimming Club 
  • Swimming Lessons 
  • Drumline Competition 
  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Music Lessons 
  • Sauna


  • Anger Management
  • Basic Etiquette 
  • CPR Certification Training 
  • Creative & Critical Thinking 
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills 
  • Decision Making / Problem Solving 
  • How to avoid & Get out of Debt 
  • How to Manage a Household Budget 
  • How to Balance a Checkbook 
  • How to Build Self-Esteem 
  • How to manage your family during a crisis 
  • Interview Skills 
  • Investing for your Future 
  • Money Management 
  • Parenting Skills 
  • Preparing for Higher Education 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Overcoming your Fears 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Self-Care / Hygiene  
  • Self-Discipline 
  • 12-Week Small Business Course 
  • Overcoming Obstacles 
  • Self-Awareness 
  • Wellness/Mental Development 
  • Writing Skills

Rental Space

  • Ball Room / Banquet / Weddings  Rental 
  • Conference Center Rental 
  • Business Office Rental 
  • Board Room Rental 
  • Lecture Hall Rental  

Event Center

  • Family & Community Programs 
  • Cultural Programs / Events 
  • Leadership Community Conferences 
  • Dramatization /  Plays 
  • Health Fairs 
  • Youth Conferences 
  • Achievement Awards-Ceremonies 
  • Special Events 
  • Community Talent Show

Social Service Department

  • Navigating  Social Services 
  • Food Pantry Store 
  • Clothes Pantry 
  • Weekly Seminars / Trips 
  • Free Counseling / Therapy Services 
  • Building Local State Partnerships 
If anyone is willing to donate land and/or buildings for our Educational Resource Training Center. Please contact us directly at 610-922-1782 or by email directed to: jerry.houston@houstonfoundationinc.org
Would you please pledge a monthly donation to help us complete our building project?
All donations are tax-deductible.