We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The Houston Foundation Inc. exists to serve, transform and empower the lives of at-risk families and individuals in underserved communities, by delivering sustainable programming and services in the areas of personal wellness, academic, and economic development.
Our Purpose Statement

Our Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Houston Foundation Inc. is to serve the lives of at-risk families and individuals in underserved communities. Workshops, seminars, and in-person and remote learning will provide the opportunity to develop better decision-making and problem-solving skills. Along with creative thinking and critical thinking, effective communication, and how to better manage their lives and be able to cope with their emotions and stress.
Our Path

Our Path

To provide assistance in communities regardless of race, color or creed to those who have been left behind. To build and encourage the individual from the inside out.
Our Values

Core Values

Houston Foundation Inc. is a Nonprofit Organization

Founded on principles, beliefs and a philosophy that drives the nonprofit business as we pursue honorable initiatives transparently and ethically in everything we do. Our Core Values represent the team members’ identity as the fabric of a strong organizational culture promoting diversity that influences business success. 


People Like Us Do Things Like This Because We Care

We will be 100% transparent in all business transactions from all donors and partnerships. The financial responsibility for the organization is held in the highest regard. The trust that we have engendered to serve the underserved. We stand firm on our values. These values are embedded in the very scope of our organizational culture and each team member. 

Family Values

Our pillars of truth on which we are guided and anchored as a nonprofit organization. We hope to be the example of living out our truth visibly in the communities we serve.


We have a strong belief that allows us to move in confidence as we carry out this great mission. We are clear and understand through experiences how we can impact the lives of the underserved by being a mainstay in the community thus building lasting relationships.


The foundation will be governed and driven by our moral principles as we strive to maintain the highest level of public trust.


Because People Like Us Do Things Like This Because We Care


We will be held to the standards and ethics that we set forth for our volunteers, donors and partnerships.


It breeds the very essence and passion that is represented in our foundation and each member.