Why Children Should Get Into STEM

1. Starting early ignites a lifelong love of learning

STEM teaches kids so much about the world. It opens their minds and they start asking questions about why things are being done. STEM teaches them things they are interested in like how their favorite video game works! There is so much to learn and explore!

2. STEM builds the skills kids need for the future

Did you know that there are already 600,000 unfilled positions in the tech sector? About 65% of children will be working in jobs that don’t exist yet and that gap will only grow. A STEM education ensures that the children today will have all the tools they need to create a better future!

3. Learning on their own terms

One of the biggest advantages of STEM is that kids learn to solve problems. They are driven by their interests which allows them to learn to problem solve without them ever feeling like they are in school. By putting the kids in the driving seat of their learning, they think critically about their own ways to solve problems they face.

4. Tech will save us

STEM is at the heart of empowering kids. There is so much to be invented and explored and what better way than to start children early in STEM? Like we said before, STEM is only growing and will continue to grow. Not only will there be plenty of high starting pay jobs, but they will also have a lifelong time of learning.