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Childhood Trauma Support in Philadelphia

Far too many children in Philadelphia experience acts of violence, which has a long-lasting negative impact. Even witnessing physical threats towards their attachment figures can be detrimental to their mental health. Our youth is our future and we need to protect them.

Childhood Trauma Support from a Philadelphia Nonprofit

Children that experience traumatic events oftentimes suffer in the longterm if they are not provided the proper support and resources. The strong emotions and physical reactions have lasting effects. If untreated, the emotional and physical reactions can escalate to something worse. These events may instill feelings of terror, hopelessness, or fear. They could even result in physical ailments such irregular heartbeats, vomiting, or loss of bowel or bladder control. As a result, these children are living in a constant state of stress, exhibiting physical and emotional responses that may be detrimental to their future.

What Are Traumatic Experiences?

 What can cause childhood trauma? Below are just a few examples.
  • Disturbing environmental changes (terrorism or natural disasters)
  • Sudden or violent loss of a close friend or family member
  • Refugee and war experiences (including torture)
  • Serious accidents or life-threatening illness
  • Substance abuse or addiction, either personal or familial
  • Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse or assault
  • Physical or verbal violence exhibited in the community
A child may experience childhood trauma if they are put in an uncomfortable situation that causes them to fear for their own or another’s life. 

Our Childhood Trauma Support Programs in Philadelphia

The Houston Foundation Inc. offers childhood trauma support in Philadelphia to help the many individuals and families dealing with untreated trauma to recalibrate the trajectory of their future. By working in partnership with local professionals and organizations, the Houston Foundation Inc. will help to alleviate the effects of childhood trauma in Philadelphia by providing community mental health services, including counseling, group therapy, treatment services, and avenues for stress management, such as physical exercise, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. We are ready to get into the fight, changing lives, one person at a time, from the inside out. This is our mission.

The Houston Foundation Resource Center will be a place of healing and hope–a place where the soul can heal, and the mind and body can thrive. The Resource Center is designed to be a place where the whole person affected by childhood trauma can be treated. Features of the Resource Center include waterfalls, a meditation room, fireplaces, large windows, high ceilings, aromatherapy, and natural plants. These features will help to create an environment where the real work of healing childhood trauma can begin.

People Like Us, Do Things Like This, Because We Care!

A young African girl in need of financial support. Houston Foundation Inc. helps support people in trauma that they have encountered.
Sad Child in Philadelphia. Representing Childhood Trauma in Philadelphia. The Houston Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization where people can come and feel safe. Learning that you are suffering is the first step to recovery.