Robotics, Coding, Data Science

S.T.E.M Programs in Philadelphia & Delaware

In underserved communities, people of color have seen their school systems experience massive budget cuts and reduction of services. This has created a major impediment to the educational process, hindering students’ ability to learn. Many students are challenged with trying to complete their primary education without the necessary math and science skills. This will limit their career options, higher education opportunities, the ability for critical thinking and problem solving, and will impact their future earnings

The Importance of STEM Programs in Philadelphia & Delaware

The Houston Foundation Inc. believes that if we start early in a student’s life with the building blocks of S.T.E.M, Coding, Robotics and Data Science, we will be able to change the trajectory of that student’s life for the better. Introducing Robotics to 4th and 5th grade students will teach several important skills and principles such as critical thinking, problem solving, interactive engagement, organization, perseverance, teamwork, and learning from failures. In the 6th, 7th and 8th grades, students will continue with Data Modeling, Statistics and Introduction to Coding. As students move into the high school arena from 9th to 12th grades, the program will focus on Data Visualization, Data Coding, Distribution, Probability and Simulations, and Data Collection Methods that are both modern and traditional. See more benefits here.

Junior high school age, African American teenage girl works on building a robot in technology class in school classroom setting. STEM topics.
A small robot that is on top of a table. The robot looks like a little car

Our STEM programs in Philadelphia & Delaware will provide students the opportunity to be better equipped for the technological world in which they live, and will expose them to possible career paths in Mechanical Engineering, Programming, Software Development, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The Houston Foundation Inc. is committed to providing the tools and support required for each student to be successful.

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