Meet the Houston Foundation Inc. team!-Trudinna Northeran

Trudinna Northeran (Executive Board Member/Business Manager) 

Meet the Houston Foundation Inc. Team!


My name is Trudinna Northeran, I am the youngest of 7 children, born in North Philadelphia,  in 1967 my parents relocated to the Olney section of the city when I was 6 months old.  My childhood was filled with fun, but trauma found its way into my life through bullying in elementary & junior high.  I believe this helped to shape my outlook on life to seek out that child that needs someone to speak up for them, when they are living in a traumatic situation.  I’ve been  a member of the Beulah Baptist Church for the last 27 years, it’s here where I learned the importance of community engagement.  Think of others, has always been my Motto and, “Do unto others, As you would have them do unto you”.  Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.  

I believe God has placed in me the gifts of Administration, Encouragement and Helps.   These gifts have helped me to take part in and make a difference in the lives of people who are in need.  I’ve had the opportunity to engage with the community through Outreaches, Annual Job Fairs, Picnics, Youth Retreats & Outings, Food Giveaways, Membership & Social assistance.   I find it captivating to be able to lend the resources available for the greater good 

Why the Houston Foundation Inc., because it gives me a higher platform to do what I’ve been doing for over 25 years, SERVE.   My current work in the community is parallel to what the Houston Foundation Inc. is doing now and will do in the future.  As an Executive Board Member and functioning as the Business Manager, it pushes me to grow, grow, grow and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we position ourselves to serve the underserved.  Our platforms in the Foundation are Big and I believe challenges are opportunities to think out the box.  My Fun Fact, I love to watch TV Documentaries, Game Nights, Travel, Sports Enthusiast, Foodie and I love to laugh!