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Human Trafficking in Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA

Defined as the action or practice of illegally transporting a human being from one area to another for purposes of slavery, forced labor or sexually exploitation.
human trafficking resources to Philadelphia

Human trafficking generates $150 billion a year in profits, but only an estimated $124 million is spent world wide to combat this global injustice.  Human trafficking is often referred to as the business of “Modern Day Slavery.”  Human Traffickers will hunt children to befriend and lure them with drugs or money, or by offering false hope of a better life.  Instead of a better life, victims are stripped of their dignity and self-worth as they are violated and raped by as many as 14-15 times per day. This degradation can cause the victim to suffer a mental breakdown, lead to suicidal ideations, and create a darkness in spirit.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1 in 6 runaways is a victim of Human Trafficking.  The result can lead to an inability to establish meaningful relationships, learn a trade, hold meaningful employment, and create a lack of socialization skills.  

Our Human Trafficking Resources in Philadelphia & Delaware

The concept of human trafficking. a child in the background on the floor upset while people are exchanging money.

The Houston Foundation Inc. will partner with organizations currently fighting the war against Human Trafficking in Philadelphia & Delaware to help change the tide.  Our Resource Center will require financial support to bring these victims home.  The Center will provide the necessary services and support victims so desperately need.  Your financial support is essential to this endeavor. Would you consider partnering with us in this endeavor? Because People Like Us Do Things Like This Because We Care.