The Houston Foundation Inc. Educational Resource Training Center will host the Foundation’s Operations and Outreach programs. The building will serve as the Foundation’s headquarters. It will help in several ways to positively impact underserved communities.

The Educational Resource Training Center will be constructed using recycled and ecologically friendly building materials, creating a facility that is LEED certified Gold or higher.  As a “green” building, the Resource Center blends the newest trends in technology with energy performance by incorporating LEED standards, such as using LED lighting throughout and integrating naturally ventilated spaces. Every detail involved in choosing the building materials focuses on the environment and sustainability. The architectural design and aesthetics of the building stimulate creative thought and innovative thinking. The bright, open spaces, modern décor, and clean lines radiate a cool, welcoming vibe. Upon entering the atrium, the building speaks, People Like Us, Innovate Like Us!” Concurrently, the use of natural light and natural earth elements evoke a sense of calm, creating a soothing environment in which to work, heal and learn.  


Large and strategically placed window frames provide picturesque aerial views of the breathtaking grounds and outdoor green spaces. The atrium water walls and central fireplace set the stage for the mind to activate, recharge, and learn. Open floor plans showcase panoramic views of office spaces, the outdoor Pavilion, and two Café Lounges. The Houston Foundation Inc. is working to build communities that are smarter, greener, and better. Because People Like Us Do Things Like This Because We Care.